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Chestnut Brindle
135 lbs    27 inches
DOB: August 15th 2001

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CLICK IMAGE FOR LARGER VIEWNero was selected as a mate for Tika after considering her faults we selected for strength in the areas we were weak in , he is a line bred prince dog. Nero brought Longer front legs, more bone mass, shorter broader muzzle and more expression. We feel that the breeding between the two have been successful in achieving better dogs that are more correct. Nero is a sweet dog and his sole purpose in life is too protect and love his family.

Penn-hip L.39  R.50
80th percentile / No DJD



Nero is a large male that moves very smoothly with great reach in the front and is very balanced in his body. Nero has a level bite and good expression. When people come to visit our home Nero is the dog that wins everyone over with friendly exuberance.
He was awarded TOP CANE CORSO PUPPY in 2002 with the Rare Breed Club of South Western Ontario.

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 Cane Corso Del Ecousse 2005