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History of the Cane Corso


   The Cane Corso descends directly from the ancient Roman Molosser. These War Dogs were used in battle and also pitted against lions and other large beasts in the coliseums of Rome.

After the fall of the roman empire the molosser was crossed with some local hounds to create a smaller more agile working dog that could function as a hunter, drover and guard. Throughout the breeds history they were very highly respected working dogs that are frequently mentioned in Italian history.

With the decline of agriculture in recent years the Cane Corso was in real danger of becoming extinct. But with help of some very passionate and dedicated enthusiasts some of the better subjects were acquired and the Cane Corso was given a new birth.

Often referred to as the only coursing mastiff left in modern times this breed can run seemingly effortless and have the agility of a dog a quarter of its size.

The name when translated is as follows cane=dog and corso =run. It is also said that the name is derived from the Latin word cohors which means to guard.






 Cane Corso Del Ecousse 2005